No wine but a magazine, Ken Wijn!

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Sommelier exams are tomorrow so unfortunately there will be no wine presented this week, sometimes you have to keep your head clear and I think that most of you will agree that wine is not the best road to clarity!

I would like to take a brief moment to present Ken Wijn, the Dutch magazine of the Flemish Wine Guild. The Guild is Belgium’s largest wine club, boasting over 2000 members and everyone is free to contribute to the magazine. An experienced editorial team selects the best submissions and this results in an excellent magazine published two times a year. Every issue has a theme that is touched upon, but anything that could have an added value to a winelover is more than welcome. Passionate people writing about what they truly love in the world of wine in a freely accessible online magazine, what more would you want?

I contributed an article to the most recent issue, focusing on wine purchases. Attentive readers may note that I published an article on this very topic a couple of months ago, and while it is a partial translation, I would encourage you to check it out on page 45 anyway, you will not regret it!

Access by clicking on the above picture.


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