A fresh start

So, it has been quiet for a while, but as you can see from the revamped layout and extended sections, there has been a lot going on beyond the scenes! 

What you can expect from the new design:

  • The blogging content has, aside from a categorization change, stayed the same, with only ‘Wine of the Week’ being replaced by ‘Random Wines’, seeing as there wasn’t a whole lot of weekly posting going on.
  • An event calender with tastings organized by myself or by others where I will present wines or sake will be updated on the left, with subscription links
  • Two completely new sections: The Wine Analyst Goes South, focusing on South African Wines in collaboration with an established importer, and ‘The Sake Collection‘, one of the largest sake offerings available in Belgium
  • Be sure to check out the introduction sets if you want to acquaint yourself with sake, or the gift vouchers, all available upon simple request via the contact form

Still in the works:

  • an extended view of the sake collection
  • webshop capacities

New posts will be available on a more regular basis. Subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter, detailing posts published as well as events in the foreseeable future.

So you see, there is loads of new content available or just waiting to be published so stick around to discover more about the exciting world of sake and wine!



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